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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Happy Monday!!


So where should I begin??

The town I live in FINALLY got its first snow on SUN :D.......I cannot tell if this is still excitment or caffiene induced. Then I couldn't get to sleep straight away last night, so I started reading. I have been trying to get through the Game of Thrones books, .......I am still on the first one.

Then I accidentally stayed up until 2 AM reading, my brain reminded me as I got up for work at 5 AM, that it is not a little girl's brain anymore that can survive on liw sleep, no matter how good the book is. I then proceeded to have 3 iced vanilla latte's with an extra shot between the hours of 9 am- 3pm.......oops. I think my brain forgot how to handle this much caffiene.

The one bonus to this caffiene craze that I am in means that I actually logged into one of my code academy lessons.....YAY. I only did a small section of the lesson, but I took the step and actually logged in, so that is counting as a win!


Other than the caffiene surge that makes me wish I was a Gilmore Girl with the capapbilities to truly run on caffiene, my day was pretty good. I also managed to score another tech deal for my ultimate gaming setup!

This time I managed to score a Razor webcam and microphone, for the price of the webcam, as they were giving away the mic as a gift with purchase! :D And with this purchase that is my setup done, other than upgrading my monitor- which I am still researching and looking into what I want.

I am trying to be a bit more picky and pragmatic as I would like my monitor to last me a few years without needing an upgrade. I also cannot decide if I want to wait and get an ultrawide, or with the wanting to be able to code, if a 2 monitor setup will be best....I'll defo update once I make a decision!

I also plan to get some updated setup pics once my mic/webcam get here!

I hope everyone has had a FAB Mon!


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