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Happy Wednesday Yeah Yeah :D

I hope that everyone is having a nice Wednesday. :) I have been working from home this week so I have been able to relax a bit PLUS today was payday :D

So I did a thing y'all. I upgraded my keyboard AND I have customised it a wee bit with different color keycaps.

This is the Corsair K70 - WITH their Artic White PBT keycaps - Links will be included to Amazon, these are NOT affiliate links, I am just including for those that are interested.

I have been toying with the idea of when I upgrade my system to go for a white or a white and black aesthetic. After adding in the white keys I am leaning towards doing this to my whole set up. I will post a new setup photo once I dust my PC out.

I did some more of my coding lessons yesterday. I am starting to chug away at it a wee bit better than I have been. So i am hopeful in finishing it before the end of the summer. Then I can hunt for IT jobs with vigor before my secondment ends. I am also looking into what qualifications I can recieve outside of completing the Computer Science courses on Codecademy. I want to make sure my resume shows enough knowledge to account for lack of experience when I finally try to break into the IT Computer Software industry.

I havent really been PC gaming much lately. I have however finally gone and beat Pokemon Brilliant Diamond on the Switch....Like 6 months after it came out lol. I did it thanks to the wonderful news of Pokemon Home being made compatable with BD. So Yes I added in some of my faveorite Pokemon from old Diamond and Pearl playthroughs to beat the Elite Four.

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