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I Promise..I'm still Alive!!

Hello All,

Wow 3.5 months has flown by. I hate to sound cliche but my life has been a wee bit crazy.

So for those who do not know my 30th was in December :D I spent a nice day just relaxing with my mum. Then right after the start of the New Year, my Dad came to visit!!!

It was SO nice to see him as I had not seen him since the pandemic started and we had just moved to the UK from the US. He was here for a 2 weeks which was not long enough in my opinion.

And since then I have done nothing but work. My job has insanely busy - we have had so many groups of new hires come in. So between that and my mum's dog being put down I've not been doing much else.

So unfortunately I have neglected my blog for a wee bit. But I am here and will try and update you all more often.

In terms of my coding/computer science journey - i am slowly making my way through the courses on Codecademy. I still have a lot to learn but I DO want to make the move into IT so I am working on it! I am also looking at applying at various master's degree programs to start next year - I found a really nice one that I can do online - at the University of Edinburgh!

My computer setup has gotten a wee upgrade as I had to move rooms, so I decided to buy the Corsair light towers to enhance my set up.

I am in complete love with the new vibe :D

I NEED to finish cable managing the lovely mess of cables from everything at somepoint! (if anyone has any tips they are greatly appreciated. As I rent I cannot attach things to the walls etc, so if they are landlord friendly that would be great.

Has anyone played Eldin Ring yet?? I have just started it and I am totally hooked!! I have never played a Dark Souls style game before - so it has been lots of fun. I have not gotten very far as of yet as I keep getting killed but it is so much fun. The story line was written by Gerorge R R Martin, which i think is half the reason its so awesome, but i wish he would finish writing Game of Thrones already. I want to know what his vision had been for the end!!

I hope everyone has an amazing day! <3


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