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It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Hello All and Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. I spent this morning do a bit of much fun right? I am hoping to go out tomorrow and do the last bit of shopping for Christmas, then I get to wrap everything. Wrapping for me is like half the fun of Christmas :D

I only need to shop for my parents- and I have everything I need for my Dad- I got him a nice laptop! It is an Asus Zenbook. ASUS ZenBook 14 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 512GB SSD 14" Laptop. It was released last year- but the processor is 11th gen- which is more than what my Dad will ever really need- which will allow it to last for a few years for him. I got it from Box as they had it with a huge discount. ( I'll include the link)

Like everything else tech I searched for reviews and such on it before I made the purchase- I did buy it around Black Friday as I thought they would run out. As of writing this- they are still in stock!

My mum is harder to shop for- I did manage to get a few small things- a new jacket and some pajamas- but I want to try and get at least one more thing that is a little special.

For anyone who is shopping for their techie friend/family member- try and find what they are looking into buying for their system/setup. In the end I know I just asked for money because I was doing the research and things for what I wanted for my setup. I know money may seem like a cop out BUT- when finding something personal for a techie- it can be hard because unless it is the exact item they need- you may end up buying something obsolete.

When I was shopping for my dad- I was wary of any deal that seemed too good to be true- and did my research first. There were a lot of cheap laptops with hardly any memory/ old processor generations that would have made the purchase worthless. So I made sure to try and find a deal- that wasn't a bad buy. So my advice is do your homework on any piece of tech you can buy.

Another thing I have been doing is getting various pieces of content creation software- adove photoshop/streamlabs. Things that will allow me to be able to start streaming by the new year. My original plans had involved streaming this week- BUT my monitor stopped working. So I filed an RMA with the manufacterer and now I am waiting for it to be replaced. Once it is I hope to start filming and treaming, so in preparation I am making sure I have everything ready to be able to stream and capture videos and be able to process them to post to youtube and such :D

I will keep you all posted when I finally go live and once I have videos up and running. :D

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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