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Uh...When did it become the end of Nov?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

You know that moment when you stop and realize that an entire month has pretty much passed you by and you have no clue how that happened??????

Well that is my brain right at this moment!

The last couple of weeks I have had to travel into the office...which 5 AM wake ups are the worst lol. So my regular 9-5 has taken over my life just a wee bit with the transition of going into the office, and all of my free time has involved eatting and sleeping.

I am disappointed a bit about getting my coding courses done- as I have not done a thing while going in and out of the office- my commute is about an hour or so on the bus- so I need to make that my priority for DEC. But Onwards and Upwards as they say!

I have managed to have some and playing some new games on my Nintendo Switch!!

I shopped some of the nice deals around Black Friday week, I got my dad a new laptop for Christmas, and scored some deals for my mum as well. AND I managed to upgrade my gaming setup with a nice set of periphials from Corsair! I had been looking at the K55 RGB keyboard, and having just unboxed it today.....I am in total love with this keyboard! Now, my plain jane office keyboard is just fine and works great, but the look and feel of typing on my new one is soooooo nice :D !! I scored a nice perphials set, because I am way too OCD if the periphials were all different brands- and the keyboard came with a mouse and headset, and I am in love with everything!

The flip side is now I need some serious cable management as both the mouse and keyboard are wired- so I'll post new pics once I get it a bit more organized.

Anyway I hope everyone has had a fab Nov so far and I promise I will try and post more frequently in Dec :D Let's see if I can do a post/pic a day or something!



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