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woo! Happy November :D

Hello Everyone,

So I have had a crazy start to November- which is why I have not posted before today. This week was my first week back at work after 2 weeks off. Currently I am part of the Training department for the company I work for- and I ended up juming into a group that had just started as an observer. So my plans for having time to update and write blog posts has been a bit skewed.

I have also been playing a bunch of games off of Steam- so my brains been preoccupied. :D I have gotten really into playing Phasmophobia- ghost hunting game :D sooo good but creepy and scary.

I also did a bunch of research over the weekend on different Msc Computer Science programs. In my decision of switching careers I have been looking to go back to school and get my Masters. However like most millenials I would need to go online/part-time as I need to work.

MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics Online - University of York

University of York, had a decent looking program- and would only take 2 years. I was debeating about enrolling. They had the concentration I wanted but I didnt really want to wait 2 years to change my career. I will keep them saved and once I do switch careers I may look into getting a Masters to help improve chances at prgression etc :D

SO I spoke with some of my guys friends in IT and asked about any sites etc that were good if I wanted to get into coding and they said to check out Code Academy.

I was able to get a free trial to be able to do the lessons on a career path- and I am only a couple of days in and I am loving it. The lessons are in nice small chunks that are easy to understand and complete. So far I've completes one full module- just the bare basics and it has been such a breeze. It's fully affirming that A) I will be able to succeed in Tech....hopefully. :D B) I like this method of learning.

Also, codeacademy is one of the cheaper options that I have looked into- and once I complete the lessons I will look into any certifications that I can get to show I have the knowledge etc.

I hope you all have had a great start to Nov!!


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